Jeep JK 1 Ton 7075 Aluminum Tie Rod
Jeep JK 1 Ton 7075 Aluminum Tie Rod
Jeep JK 1 Ton 7075 Aluminum Tie Rod

Jeep JK 1 Ton 7075 Aluminum Tie Rod

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Our Jeep JK 1 ton 7075 aluminum tie rod is one of the most important upgrades you can do to your Jeep JK, not only will you get larger stronger tie rod ends, but you will also gain the strength and weight savings of aluminum. The factory steering on the JK is prone to bending with hard trail use, this is where the 7075 solid 1-1/2 inch outer diameter linkages in this kit really shine.  7075 Aluminum is much lighter than steel, but 7075 aluminum is also much more elastic than steel.  7075 Aluminum can be flexed much farther than steel and still spring back to its original shape, this is very important on an application such as steering, because at some point you will hit your steering on something on the trail.  The tie rod ends in this kit are the GM 1 ton tie rod ends that have been used for years in extreme offroad applications. All components of this kit will bolt together, and the entire kit can easily be installed in a few hours with basic hand tools.  This kit is designed to go in the same location as the factory steering (under the knuckle).

Important installation note!
Stock wheels will require 1.5" wheel spacers, or you will need a 17" wheel with 4.5 inches of backspacing or less!
Kit Contents:

Check out Ben's video showing off the strength of our steering vs our competitors!